Sunday, May 26, 2013

Truckin along...

I am loving my runs! The training program I am following has the mileage creeping up rather slowly… I’m anxious to lengthen my runs, but I know that adding mileage or quickly improving pace often leads to injury. So I’m trying to pace myself and just stick to the schedule.  
I’m also QUICKLY learning that my runs aren’t something I can just “work into” my days. I have to make a conscience effort to schedule my “me time”. Yesterday was supposed to be my longest run yet (5 miles). As I was tying my shoes (and that is not a joke- I was literally ready to head out the door), I heard the most God awful scream coming from the basement.  Where the trampoline is. :( I don’t think my feet hit one single stair from upstairs all of the way down to the basement. Addison (my 5 year old daughter) was lying on the trampoline screaming, “My leg cracked”. This is where my heart stops and I go into dramatic mode. I attempted to assess her pain to the best of my overly-dramatic-mothering ability. I determined her knee was swollen and she would not step on it. To the hospital we went…. Instead of me running 5 beautiful, blissful miles. So… multiple x-rays, a dose of motrin, and a grape popsicle later- we find out it’s just a sprained knee (Thank, God). And, of course, Addie practically skipped out of the ER…. So my overly dramatic moment is probably gonna cost us over a thousand dollars in medical bills and one lost run. I did manage to squeeze in 3 quick miles on the treadmill. But I was pouting the whole time… IT’S NOT THE SAME!!! :) 
The plan is to do 5 miles this afternoon…. When the hubs gets home from Lowes. The summer months are such a precious time. There is so much to do and so many great opportunities for family time- cookouts, swimming, birthday parties, and time in the driveway learning to ride a two wheeler. All of these are things that I don’t want to give up.  So it looks like from now until Sept 21st my alarm is going to be going off at 5am for my beautiful dates with the pavement. And I’m ok with that. There is nothing comparable to walking back into your house feeling exhausted, sweaty, and beyond proud that you did it! Again
Having my little family cheering for me and saying “way to go” is a great feeling. I always surprise myself when I finish a run! I hope that inner proud-ness doesn’t leave me. On most days, I feel like a mediocre wife and mother. But on days that I run… I feel like I can do everything a little bit better than I did the day before. It’s the best feeling. Being out in nature for an hour or more is the best feeling. Watching God’s beauty as I creep toward my mile mark for the day is unbeatable.
Is it time for my first half yet?!? I can't hardly wait!!