Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man, 72 hours can change your whole life! There is a lot weighing very heavy on my heart right now. I'm not ready to discuss it- I just am asking for prayers for myself and my family. Day after day, I've been utterly, amazingly blessed by how far my family is willing to go to help each other. What would we ever do if we didn't have one another? I thank God for the family I was born into and the families I married into every single day. Without them I would not have the strength or the hope that I have!
My mom feels so good since chemo and radiation are over! Her surgery is scheduled and it's quickly approaching. She is terrified. I'm relatively calm in the sense that I know this is the major step to beat this thing and I know that my mom can do it. After the surgery she will have 6 months of very intense chemo. That is not gonna be a walk in the park, but I am gonna do everything in my power to make it easier on her. I'm sad that she has to endure such a long treatment time. By the time we can celebrate her being cancer free, my son will by 1!
God placed Avery in our lives at such an integral time. 2010 has brought up so many challenges. And Avery and Addison remind me of the good things that can happen. They keep me strong, they keep my outlook positive. They keep me going. There have been days in my very recent past where I've just wanted to throw my hands up and give up. But then I look at my babies and I KNOW how needed I am. Work drama, family life, my own health issues- everything is quickly bringing stress to my life and to be able to take 20 minutes out of the day to be on the floor coloring, tickling, playing and laughing is the greatest de-stresser and greatest blessing a person could ask for. I know the cliche sayings that "everything will work out" and "everything happens for a reason" hold some truth; but in the here and the now it is hard to see the "why." I'm not a negative person, so I just have to wake up every day and hope and pray for the best. And with my amazing family by my side- I know that we will all be ok. Hopefully sooner rather than later...