Thursday, December 22, 2011

life changes

Life changes. Everyday. Has it been 14 months since I've posted a blog?! How neglectful of me. I honestly don't even know if anyone reads this, but it recharges me to write it. How life has changed... WE MOVED. To our dream house! We have 3 acres and plenty of room. MY MOM IS CANCER FREE. I can't remember when chemo stopped... It's been several months. For some reason she is still so skinny. And paranoid, which, I'm told is the exact expectation for year #1 after going through what she has.
I guess as life changes, so should our expectations. I'm shocked by the disappointment I feel. The betrayal? Maybe betrayal isn't the right word. But I can say that some relationships change and not for the better. If something is put into a pressure cooker for long enough, it is going to explode. Will there be mending? If there is change-maybe. No change? No mending. I'm almost 30 years old and I'm not going to allow people in my life who have WAY different morals and no character. I know I can be kind of stone-cold. I've tried to work on that fact for years. But I'm not budging or giving in this time. I may just have to remain stone cold.
My hubs and I are sneaking up on our 7th wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem possible. He is an amazing man and I feel incredibly blessed to have him by my side. He got a promotion this summer and he is working so hard for our family. His life successes make me beam with pride. I'm so proud of him. Hard to believe we began dating just 2 weeks after he turned 20 and I was only 18!
Our babies are better than amazing. Add will be 4 in 3 weeks and Avery will be 2 in 2 months. They are growing, learning, and changing every single day, too. I never thought it would be possible to have such little best friends. They keep us on our toes and keep us falling more in love with them every moment. Watching their relationship grow and develop has been an amazing blessing as well. I pray that they will grow up to be inseparable best friends. Parenthood definitely brings challenges. And I hope to highlight my goals and faults if I can stick with this. We'll see.
With my 28th birthday AND 2012 approaching (less than 2 weeks away?!) I have some goals for myself. Let me mention a few...
Learn 2 new recipes a month. 24 a year is totally within reason, right?
Find a church for my family.
Fall in love with yoga.
Go to Vegas!! I have to get to Vegas before I turn 30!