Saturday, May 4, 2013

20 weeks to go

I registered!! It’s official! I am giddy about the fact that my actual 20 week training program begins on Monday!! I have been running 3 to 4 days a week, with my farthest run being 3 ½ miles. The first week of training is 4 runs, 3 being 3 miles and 1 being 4 miles. I’m still at a walk, jog, run pattern. So I definitely hope I can quickly improve to a jog, run pattern because the miles are only going to get longer. I do feel that as the distance increases so will my stamina and ability. J But, boy, do my shins hurt! My back and abs ache! My knees are more awake than they have ever been!
I’m quite surprised at the negative feedback I get when I tell people I’m doing this. Although, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Most people are negative by default. I myself can be one of them. I have such a negative self-conscience, so when people are questioning my ability it instantly brings me down a notch. But it is absolutely not happening this time. There is something therapeutic and uplifting about being out of breath, sides aching, calves exploding- with a mile and a half to go…. And my inner voice is FINALLY telling me “you can do this- you’ve got this”  (in fact as I’m typing this- my thighs are aching and I’m so exhausted- but I’m itching to go for a run). I will not be deterred from this goal that I feel destined to accomplish.

“A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do” –Walter Bagehot

I learned a great lesson at church on Sunday- the basics of the message were do not compare yourself to others. It sets you up for failure every time because you will always find fault with yourself while you assume others are better than you. That is why I am beyond pumped to be running! I have people hidden from my feed on Facebook because I don’t want to hear that they have worked out 91 times this week and they’ve lost 47.2 pounds—not that their accomplishments should go unnoticed, and yes, they have a right to be proud. But for me- it has a negative affect on my psyche.  (and some people just take it too far) But when I run, I feel so proud of myself and I don’t care what my time is- the fact of the matter is- I got off of my butt and I ran.  Which is what I’m about to do….
 The above pic is the day I had my "epiphany" I was showering and got punched in the face with the notion "I WANNA RUN A HALF MARATHON!! ;)
 Registration complete!! WOOT!! WOOT!! 
Training Schedule printed and hanging on the fridge! YES!!!