Sunday, June 16, 2013

3 months till race day!!

Wow. There is a lot going on! Let me start with some awesome news that is definitely a result of everyone’s prayers…. As you know, my mom has been battling cancer for the second time. A routine check up found 5 (or 8??) small nodules in her lungs. So she has been enduring chemo for 3 long months. Her side effects have been atrocious including vomiting, diarrhea, and mouth sores. She has said that she would just cry because she’d be so hungry yet she couldn’t eat due to the pain that any and all foods caused her. Well she had a CT scan a week or two ago to look at her progress. On the first call, we were told that all (but one) had shrunk and so chemo would continue. They also told her they noticed something on her spleen and they had planned to ultrasound it and then possibly add radiation to her treatment plan.  All of our faithful, praying friends and family members went to work praying for healing and minimal side effects during the next round of chemo. Well, my mom got a call from her oncologist and he told her that he was not happy about the size of the remaining nodules. He felt that chemo should’ve totally removed them so he referred her to a radiation specialist to get her started with gamma knife treatments-  an amazing alternative to chemo as side effects are minimal and each treatment takes mere minutes. So we were excited. BUT THEN…. (don’t we all just love “but’s” – except when they are coming from our kiddos, I guess :)) So. She went to her appointment and walked away with a ton of appointments and a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders…. They are running a whole battery of tests to make sure they cover every. single. angle. This includes an MRI of her head, the ultrasound of her spleen, upper GI, colonoscopy, and another chest scan. They are considering the possibility that the spots left in her lungs could be scar tissue! NON CANCEROUS scar tissue. :) :) They are checking out everything they can based on some symptoms and side effects my mom has mentioned to them. What all of that means is NO MORE CHEMO. They are going to keep a close eye on her lungs and obviously if there is any growth to the nodules they will immediately intervene. But for now, her body gets to rest and heal (and go through a million tests). Thank you for your continued prayers. Our great big God really intervened on this situation!! And I am forever grateful.

Now, let me update ya on my running. :) Yesterday was the second time I’ve ran 6 miles. The first time was WAY easier than the second. I think it’s because I met 2 friends and it was so amazing to be running with them, even if we were only together for a mile or 2. The camaraderie and accountability was all I needed to get through the 6 miles at my average pace of 11:45ish per mile. The weather was beautiful. The scenery was gorgeous. I felt amazing the rest of the day! Now, yesterday’s run wasn’t so storybook. :) The kiddos spent the night with their grandparents so my hubs and I could go on a date for his birthday. (Thanks again, guys!!) So I planned out a 6 mile route that would have me ending at my in-law’s house. Easier said than done. The weather was nice so I really got to enjoy being outside. But, dang- by mile 4 I felt completely done. My pace was almost 13 minutes per mile… I felt heavy and tired. I ran into the grocery store, bought a Gatorade and forced myself to finish the last 1.5. I had to zig zag up and down blocks because I was only about three quarters away from my stopping point. I feel so proud that I purposely added distance when I was so exhausted. I could’ve gotten to her house at 5.25 and called it a day. But I didn’t. :) I pushed and pushed and dragged myself into her driveway after 6.01 miles. It was my hardest run for sure- now I definitely know that I have to look at the “fuel” I’m consuming during the week and the night before. And obviously a few beers, wings and onion rings from Bdubs aren’t gonna cut it before my long runs. ;) And I absolutely have to invest in some Bodyglide!! I literally have burns in my armpits from wearing a tank top and chafing!! Who knew?!?
I have LESS THAN THREE MONTHS until the half marathon and I’m already so so excited about the prospect of crossing the finish line. My kiddos say things to me like “I know you aren’t going to win, but I know you are going to finish, so congratulations” and when I walk into the door and I’m all sweaty they say “yay, mom! You did it!!” Their pride in me is almost too much for me to handle! It makes me so happy!! And I truly believe that my overall happiness and ability to handle stress and life in general is now directly correlated with running. It is such an amazing stress reliever. Not to mention the fact that it makes you feel so accomplished- like nothing is out of reach. Something I’ve never really felt before because I’ve always second guessed myself.  But I’m proud of myself and I just gotta keep on going! My body is really exhausted today… My lower back, my hips, my legs. The whole deal…. I’m hoping when the kids go to bed I can squeeze in my 2-3 mile “cool down” run. And this week my training bumps up to 5 days a week!!! Ahh! I’m nervous and excited.