Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! I, personally, never knew how happy motherhood could make me. I thought having 1 child was amazing. No one can ever put into words how wonderful it is to add another child to the mix. I thought my life was perfect and complete when Addie was born. And, I'll admit, during my 2nd pregnancy I had terrible pangs of guilt- how could I purposely do something to divide my attention away from my baby girl? How can I possibly loved another child like I love my first? Everyone kept telling me that it just works out... I was skeptical for 9 months. The day- actually the second my son was born I knew what they were talking about. I grew a whole new heart.... I was instantly madly in love with my new family of 4. Avery completed something in me that I didn't even know wasn't complete. Life is so blissful right now. My 2 babies and my husband are my whole world. They are the air I breathe and the reason why my heart continues to beat. The work load has doubled, sleep (some nights) has been cut in half, diaper duty (until last week) also doubled. But the love and happiness in my life quadrupled. Don't get me wrong- there have been moments of insanity where I have wanted to melt into a puddle and cry, but mostly those overwhelming moments are few and far between. (I'm blessed with well behaved kiddos) And even during the craziness, the hustle bustle I love taking a step back and laughing. It's a crazy kind of hectic that only a mother could love. And I am so in love with this phase in my life. We are fairly certain that we don't want to add any more babies to our brood, so I'm trying to savor every smile, every dirty diaper, every bottle that I feed my son, and every pee pee in the potty, every story, every page that my daughter colors. The little moments pass by so quickly, and I want to hold tight to them. After all, it's the little moments of motherhood that God's presence is most prominent because it's the little moments that are the greatest blessings. Happy Mother's Day.